In an effort to bring together a community of professionals in the holistic health and wellness industry we began holding an annual health fair in 2015 to showcase what the Tennessee Valley natural community has to offer. It is our goal to bring together professionals from many different practices such as chiropractic, reflexology, massage therapy, mind and body health, energy practitioners, yoga, nutrition, and essential oils, as well as many others. We are always looking for new modalities that can assist people in their health and wellness journey. We like to have as much variety as possible at our yearly health fair because we know there is not a "one-size fits all" solution to everyone's needs. We believe truly being healthy comes from a well balanced body, mind, and spirit.


The Woman & Man Behind the Madness

Calli & Benjamin Thomason are a local couple whose vision brought about Holistic Huntsville. The last three years Calli & Ben have organized the event at different locations across Huntsville. Through their hard work and perseverance the event has taken root and will once again be held in 2018. This year they have brought on Calli's sister Aubri to be the event coordinator at the Stone Event Center at Campus 805 on September 22nd.

2018 Vendors.jpg