Calli desires to be a beacon for the way life should be. She believes that wholeness is attainable in mind, body, and spirit. All of Calli's personal and business endeavors seek to bring this reality alive for herself, her family, and those around her. In an inspired conversation with a loved mentor a few years ago, the idea for a community event involving our local natural living resources was birthed. Calli desires to bring the many options for holistic health and living to the forefront of her local community's awareness so that everyone can benefit from seeing many offerings at once.

Calli is an Emotion Code Certified Practitioner (ECCP) and also holds a Naturopath Diploma. She is a licensee of the Pastoral Medical Association (PMA) as a Diplomat of Pastoral Science & Medicine(D. PSc). She is certified in AromaTouch Technique (see for more information) and loves to help others support well being with essential oils as well as a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate. She is also a Silver Member in both the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists as well as the International Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching (IANLPC).

Calli is a Body Code Certified Practitioner, as well as authoring her first published work. She constantly pursues numerous causes to further the movement of natural and holistic ideologies within the life of herself and her family, as well as her friends and community. She is also experienced at corporate educational speaking events where she can share her knowledge of the safe and effective usage of essential oils and naturally healthy lifestyle choices.

It is my passion to bring awareness and accessibility to anyone and everyone who wants to learn how to live a naturally healthy life, not just in body, but in mind and spirit as well.   -Calli Thomason

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 EVENT COORDINATOR                                                                     AUBRI MACQUINN

Calli's younger sister Aubri is the event coordinator for Holistic Huntsville 2018. She is currently a student of massage therapy at Madison School of Massage and has also taken classes for advanced Pranic Healing. Aubri has an associate's degree in graphic design, a certificate in baking and pastry from Culinard, and owned and operated her own wedding cake bakery which closed in 2017 so she could pursue her massage therapy education.